About me

I was born in Melbourne Australia and have spent most moments since obsessed with music. My parents started me on piano lessons as a 5 year old simply in the hope that I might start playing actual music on the piano instead of the daily racket they were currently having to put up with.

As a teenager I started my first band, Mr Bus, and then in university, Compliments of Gus. As keyboard player and songwriter in both bands, I had a blank canvas with which to create. New songs and arrangements were there to be discovered, and I was in a great position to try out all my ideas, both good and not-so-good, on my unsuspecting bandmates.

More recently, I have been able to write, produce and arrange for other people’s recordings. Working as a string arranger, I have been able to contribute to albums by Hillsong, River Valley Worship, Church of the Highlands, and just to keep it interesting, 360.

I have also recorded 2 solo piano albums, Jared Plays Hymns and Jared Plays Carols. The titles are both quite self-explanatory, and they can be purchased on CD from my online store or from your favourite digital platform.

I currently live in Melbourne with my wife Rebecca, and our three children Shem, Matilda and Aurora.